3 D 1

Wondering how ?Come on!Let us perform the simple activity using available things at home.

Things needed:

  • A plate of soap solution
  • A glass bangle
  • Three pieces of thread of equal lengths
  • A pair of scissors

How do we do:

Take the bangle and tie one end of the thread to the bangle.Cut the excess length of the thread near the knot.Tie two more threads in similar way.Form a triangular frame work by tying the free ends of all the three threads.Now immerse the frame work completely in the soap solution.Gently lift the frame work out of the solution.Observe the THREE D shape formed by the triangular frame work out of SOAP FILM.The frame work can be made of metal wires for better results using soap solution with a little proportion of glycerin.

Link to the video can be found below

link to the vedio;




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